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Turn Experience into Business

Turn Experience into Business

In the following blog post from Civility Partners, Catherine Mattice discusses being a part of a special podcast project called, Points of Courage. The podcast series features people who had the courage to turn a profound life experience into a business that would completely change their lives.

"I had the coolest experience, and crossed off a bucket list item I didn’t know I had."

"I was invited to be on a very special podcast called Points of Courage, and I wanted to share the recording with you."

"The host, Jessica Jackley, is the founder of Kiva, the first micro-lending website, which she started after a trip to Uganda. She met many people who, if they could just get $25, could purchase an animal or an item that would allow them to start a business."

"The important thing was that this business would change the trajectory of their life. These people didn’t want a donation, they wanted a loan, so they could use their own talents to make a difference for themselves and their families."

"The podcast series, Points of Courage, highlights people similar to Jessica, who had the courage to turn a profound life experience into a business. I was humbled to be asked to share the story of how my profound life experience with bullying changed my life, and you can listen to it here."

"If you want to hear Jessica’s story, you can watch her TEDTalk here. What she talks about is other peoples’ stories. That we should listen to them and be inspired by them. We even have the ability to change the trajectory of someone else’s life with one small gesture."

"If you know someone who is being bullied at work, what small gesture can you provide that could change their trajectory? How can you help? If you yourself is being bullied at work, what small step can you take to change your own trajectory? My book, BACK OFF! offers several options in response to that question, one of which is to change your mindset."

"The TEDTalk is six years old, so you might be interested to know that Kiva has since reached $1 BILLION in microloans. Pretty amazing. Keep on keepin’ on."

Have you survived workplace bullying? Submit your story for the opportunity to have it published in our anthology! Click the image below for more information.

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