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We run regular meetings around research, legislation, marketing/fundraising, working with organizations and education, and working with unions.


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Know Your Legal Rights

Navigating abuse at work can be a challenge without knowing your legal rights. In this crash course in what it will look like to go the legal route after abuse at work, employment attorney, National Workplace Bullying Coalition president, and Dignity At Work Act author Jerry Carbo answers your most pressing questions about the legalities of abuse at work, what tends to happen when reporting abuse to an employer, and how working with a lawyer will really work.


  • What's illegal vs. legal when it comes to abuse at work?

  • When the abuse is perfectly legal, what are targets' options and pros and cons of each?

  • If a target is able to sue for discrimination, how long does a typical case take and cost?

  • What can an employment lawyer help with?

  • What's the reality of how the situation will likely end given workers' rights?

  • What should I think about when negotiating a severance?

  • What are targets' rights when it comes to references?

  • What can a target expect when working with an employment lawyer in terms of costs, what to prepare, and typical outcomes?

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