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About The National Workplace Bullying Coalition

About NWBC

We're Here

to Support YoU

National Workplace Bullying Coalition is dedicated to supporting targets of workplace bullying.

We bring awareness to the seriousness of this widespread practice and empower employees to advocate for their rights to have dignity at work.
NWBC strives to detect, eradicate, and prevent acts of workplace bullying in all 50 states.

We partner with organizations to provide resources and training.

Our Vision


  • Workers are assured their right to dignity at work.

  • Workplace bullying is an unlawful act.

  • Employers take effective steps to prevent, detect, remedy, and eliminate acts of workplace bullying.

Our Mission

To eliminate bullying from the American workplace through research, education, conversation, and legislation.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” We're committed to ensuring that all workers are guaranteed these human rights in the workplace. Every worker should have a right to:


Workers should have a right to a workplace free of verbal abuse, threats, sabotage, and abuse of any kind.

Be Respected

Workers should have a right to dignity and have our human needs and individual strengths and weaknesses honored.

Fair Treatment

Workers should have a right to reasonable expectations and similar standards for our colleagues.

A Living Wage

Workers should be paid a wage that will allow them to thrive and prosper.

A Healthy Life In and Outside of Work

Workers should have a right to feel strong. We should have a right to work in environments that promote well-being, including a right to healthy retirement. 


Workers should have a right to have power and control over our work for confidence and strength.

A Sense of Belonging

Workers should have a right to feel like we are included in an organization and part of a team.

Self-Governance and Control over Their Work

Workers should have a right to information and resources necessary to do our jobs well so we can feel productive.

A Greater Purpose

Workers should have a right to play a meaningful role in the reason our organizations exists.

Feel Valued

Workers should have a right to feel like our contributions have worth and importance.


Workers should have a right to feel heard and receive appropriate responses when we voice concerns.

Growth and Self-Actualization

Workers should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and the opportunity to flourish within the organization in roles that fit their talents and goals.

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Over a Decade of Service

For over 10 years, individual members have researched, written, organized forums, participated in both national and international panels, represented clients, produced documentaries, and lobbied legislators on this issue.
As a national coalition, the NWBC will be able to unite and partner with many organizations and new members to have a powerful and lasting impact.


Our Accomplishments

We are proud to report we have achieved the following:

  • Resolutions and proclamations supporting our efforts from: NJ Senate and Assembly Joint Legislative Resolution, National Association of Women Judges, and National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts and the City of Newark. 

  • A conference in 2014 that included a welcome address from California Congressman Mike Honda and a presentation from New Jersey Senator Linda Greenstein.

  • A conference in 2015 that included a welcome address from California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who got the California law regarding abusive conduct (i.e., workplace bullying) passed, and a keynote presentation from Assemblyman Antonio Parkinson, who got the Tennessee Healthy Workplace Bill passed.

  • Participation in the State of Tennessee’s task force as they created a template anti-bullying policy as required by state law.

  • Over 28,000 signatures on a petition urging President Obama to address workplace bullying – by far the largest petition of its kind.

  • A “Take the Pledge” initiative during October 2014’s Bullying Awareness Month to encourage people to treat each other with dignity at work.

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