Our History


The National Workplace Bullying Coalition is a non-profit 501(c) 3 headquartered in the United States of American, with Registration number: [47-1273342]. For some time now, national and local organizations have existed to raise public awareness or lobby for singular legislative solutions about workplace bullying. The core belief that is at the root of our organization is the need to change the perception of workplace bullying as being hopeless and fixation of public dialog to only one solution or perspective. In 2010 a small group of individuals with diverse experience and expertise joined forces to lobby for change in New Jersey. As more and more information was needed, this effort quickly grew into what is now known as the NWBC and our focus evolved as well to address dignity in all states.


What We Offer That's Different


We officially incorporated in 2014 with the understanding that this multi-pronged dialog and action is more important than ever. All of the parties impacted by the debilitating and costly impact of all forms of bullying in the workplace must be involved in seeking preventative and legal remedies in order to find viable and long-term solutions. This is clearly reflected in the depth and variety of experiences the NWBC’s core board members already bring to our organization.


The founders of NWBC have extensive experience directly related to this issue. For over 10 years, individual members have researched, written, organized forums, participated in both national and international panels, represented clients, produced documentaries and lobbied legislators on this issue. As a national coalition, the NWBC will be able to unite and partner with many organizations and new members in a way that will allow us to have a powerful and lasting impact.

Our Accomplishments

We are proud to report we have achieved the following:

  • Resolutions and proclamations supporting our efforts from: NJ Senate and Assembly Joint Legislative Resolution, National Association of Women Judges, and National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts and the City of Newark. 

  • A conference in 2014 that included a welcome address from California Congressman Mike Honda and a presentation from New Jersey Senator Linda Greenstein.

  • A conference in 2015 that included a welcome address from California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who got the California law regarding abusive conduct (i.e., workplace bullying) passed, and a keynote presentation from Assemblyman Antonio Parkinson, who got the Tennessee Healthy Workplace Bill passed.

  • Participation in the State of Tennessee’s task force as they created a template anti-bullying policy as required by state law.

  • Over 28,000 signatures on a petition urging President Obama to address workplace bullying – by far the largest petition of its kind.

  • A Take the Pledgeinitiative during October 2014’s Bullying Awareness Month to encourage people to treat each other with dignity at work.


Our Vision


We are proud of our accomplishments and are eager and excited to continue to grow and develop relationships that help us reach “Our Vision”:


“Through education and mobilization we envision a future where workers are assured their right to dignity at work, where workplace bullying is an unlawful act and where employers have taken effective steps to prevent, detect and remedy acts of workplace bullying.”




Prof. Jerry Carbo, Esq.

President, NWBC

Hon. Sue Pai Yang
Catherine Mattice

Vice President, NWBC

Treasurer, NWBC

Professor & Legal Expert

Retired NJ Workers' Compensation Judge

Author & Consultant

Deb Falzoi

Board Member and
Dir. of Technology, NWBC

Activist & Coach

Jerry Carbo, Esq. is a Professor of Management at the Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University (PA). Notably, he was selected in 2015 to be a member of the newly formed EEOC Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace. He holds a PhD from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and a JD from Penn State University. Dr. Carbo is a member of the State Bar of West Virginia. His primary teaching areas are Business and Society, Labor Relations and Employment Law. Dr. Carbo conducts research in workplace bullying and harassment as well as socially sustainable business systems. Academic articles include: Workplace Bullying: Developing a Human Rights Definition from the Perspective and Experiences of Targets.Working USA (September 2010) w/ A. Hughes; Strengthening the Healthy Workplace Act...' Experiences, Journal of Workplace Rights, Volume 14 No. 1 (2009).

The Honorable Sue Pai Yang, who retired in 2012, was the first Asian American appointed to the Workers' Compensation Court in New Jersey. She wrote decisions on two separate trials involving workplace bullying which peaked her interest on this issue. She found for the first petitioner but not the second. Judge Yang has spoken on the topic at many forums including those for workers' compensation judges and one sponsored by the NJ Women Lawyers Association. Additionally, she has organized several programs on workplace bullying with expert panelists on behalf of the National Association of Women Judges and the NJ State Bar Foundation. To reach a wider audience, Judge Yang successfully encouraged Due Process, a cable TV program to host a program on workplace bullying.

Catherine Mattice runs the consulting business, Civility Partners, LLC, which specializes in helping organizations realize positive workplace cultures. She is a subject matter expert in workplace bullying and has published in over 40 trade magazines, and has appeared in such venues as Huffington Post, USA Today, MSNBC, Washington Times, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Her clients include the third largest energy company in the world, Kaiser Permanente, American Red Cross, US Marine Corps, and many other government, nonprofit, and private businesses. She is co-author of the book, BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work, hailed by guru Ken Blanchard as, “the most comprehensive and valuable handbook on the topic.”

Deb Falzoi educates employees and validates their experiences so they can take back their dignity. She started Dignity Together, providing coping services and resources for workplace abuse targets, interventions for therapists, and resources for managers on how to lead without abusing. In trying to pass workplace abuse legislation in Massachusetts, she built a base of more than 16,000 supporters, the largest by state in the nation. She's helped hundreds of abused employees understand their situations, discover their self-worth, and learn how to move on from their toxic work cultures. She's been quoted in numerous media outlets including Redbook, Forbes, Monster, Alternet, Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, and Truthout.

Beverly Peterson

Emeritus Board Member & Founding President, NWBC

Assoc. Prof., Montclair State Univ. & Documentary Filmmaker

Beverly Peterson, Retired from the Board, Peterson is the past Founding NWBC President, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and Associate Professor at Montclair State University’s School of Communication & Media (NJ). She has presented her work about workplace bullying at the International Conference on Workplace Bullying & Harassment in Wales as well as business colloquia and public dialogs. Her recently launched interactive documentary, What Killed Kevin, has garnered critical acclaim and was awarded Best Transmedia/Website by the UFVA. Peterson’s documentaries have been broadcast internationally, and screened at major festivals including; HBO, PBS, Sundance Channel, Sundance Film Festival, Human Rights Watch, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Walker Art Center.


Hon. Stephen Tuber

Retired NJ Workers' Compensation Judge

The Honorable Stephen Tuber is a retired Judge of the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation (1981 – 2009). He has frequently lectured for the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Education (ICLE) and was a Master of the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Inn of Court. Before becoming a Judge he was a Senior Trial Attorney for the Hudson County Public Defender’s office (1969 – 1981). Presently, he is a National Consultant for ISO Claims Partners, formerly known as Crowe Paradis Services Corporation, a nationally recognized Medicare Secondary Payer compliance vendor in North Reading, Massachusetts.

John D. Kovac,

Specializes in Employee Law

John D. Kovac, Esq. is an attorney based in Highland Park, New Jersey with a legal practice concentrated primarily in workers’ compensation law. He has extensive trial experience in the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation, where he has asserted and successfully resolved claims involving workplace bullying and other types of psychiatric injury claims. As an author and educator, he has written several volumes of the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s (ICLE) treatise on workers’ compensation, lectured for ICLE on the topic of workers’ compensation law, and actively participated as a Barrister in the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Inn of Court.

Wendy S. Becker

Professor of Management, 

Shippensburg University

Wendy S. Becker is  Professor of Management, Grove College of Business, Shippensburg University. Professor Becker is President, Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology and past editor of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. She received the Research Excellence Award in 2011 from the Academy of Human Resource Development, the 2014 Book Award (with her co-authors) from the Academy of Management’s Organizations and the Natural Environments Division, as well as annual teaching and research awards from SUNY and Shippensburg University. In 2015 she was honored to be elected as a Fellow of the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Laura Dzurec

Dean of the School of Nursing

Widener University

Laura Dzurec is Dean of the School of Nursing at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.  She served as Dean and Professor at Kent State University’s College of Nursing (Ohio) from July 2006 until July 2013, returning to faculty to pursue teaching and research in workplace dynamics, especially workplace bullying phenomena. She served as Dean at the University of Connecticut from 2000 to 2006, and was associate dean and professor of the Oregon Health Science University School of Nursing between 1996 and 2000.  She has held academic posts at several universities and is a Fellow in the National League for Nursing’s (USA) Academy of Nursing Education.

Steven J. Hasse

Professor of Psychology

Shippensburg University

Sabrina Maxwell

Organizational Leadership

Dr. Michael Coolsen

Professor of Marketing, 

Shippensburg University

Camay McClure

Author & Radio Personality

Steven J. Haase, Ph.D has been a member of the Psychology Department at Shippensburg University since 2002. His area of expertise is human cognitive and perceptual psychology.  Since 2008, he has been applying these areas to interdisciplinary issues such as sustainability, in collaboration with colleagues from the College of Business at Shippensburg University. He has co-authored one paper on the topic and has developed a seminar course that extensively covers the psychology of sustainability as an interdisciplinary topic. Other areas of interdisciplinary interest include behavioral economics and socio-cultural theories of human behavior. He has also served extensively at the local and state level on APSCUF, a faculty union representing state universities in Pennsylvania and is also a member of the Harrisburg, PA Central Labor Council (affiliated with the AFL-CIO).

Sabrina Maxwell  works for CBRE, Inc. in the field of commercial real estate. She has a Bachelor degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from BIOLA University. She holds a second Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University, and serves as a mediator, and established “The Soft Settlement Mediation Assistance”. Further, she has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Management through Walden University, and her dissertation was on the topic of Human Resource Managers and Toxic Leadership. She interviewed HR professionals in order to understand how they identify and manage a toxic leader.

Dr. Michael Coolsen is a Professor of Marketing in the John L. Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University. His work has been cited on Web sites/in print by the New York Times, Time, the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the New Yorker and has appeared in various journals and trade publications, such as Advertising Age, the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, the International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, the Journal of International Business Disciplines, and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. He has presented his work at various conferences for organizations such as the American Marketing Association, the American Academy of Advertising, the Academy of Marketing Science, among others.

Camay McClure, Radio Personality on The Ms. Camay Show, is a Kaplan University Graduate with an AAS in Paralegal Studies, National Lifetime Title Holder in Plus Size Pageantry, Plus Size Model and Senior Paralegal Professional. She is the CEO of Ms. Camay International, LLC, the umbrella company supporting Ms. Camay’s passion and commitment to inspire people across the nation and around the world. An International Best Selling Author in the Anthology, “Family Ties : What Binds Us & Tears Us Apart”, her journey is one that has required great courage, recently directing a black tie fashion gala in Seattle, Washington that broke the silence around workplace bullying. Ms. Camay is a Humanitarian Award Recipient being honored for her efforts as an advocate in her community and for the American workforce, passionate about eliminating bullying from the workplace through education, awareness and legislation.



The mission of NWBC is to eliminate bullying from the American workplace through education, conversation & legislation.


  • Educate American workers and society in general about the existence of workplace bullying and the negative consequences of such a work culture that may inflict not only psychiatric injuries on the victim but also causes reduced productivity and increased medical and turnover expenditures for businesses.

  • Bring employers, employees, industry and non-profit groups, unions, legal representatives, workplace consultants, academic experts, organizational psychologists, community groups and targets of abuse together to develop a bully free work culture, including taking all necessary steps to detect, address and remedy bullying in the workplace.

  • Work with legislatures at the local, state and federal levels to refine the definition of workplace bullying and implement laws to protect workers’ rights to dignity at work. ​ 

© 2014 by NWBC

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