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Dr. Tonisha M. Pinckney is dedicated to educating and advocating for others. With a wide range of expertise, supported by 16 years of combined experience, Dr. Pinckney developed a series of individual and community tools. She is a criminologist and criminal justice expert available for expert witness services. Dr. Pinckney is the author of two books, I AM MORE the Journey (2009) and I AM MORE Surviving Survival (2013), which detail her experiences as a surviving victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. Recognizing the importance of saying, "I AM MORE,"​ Dr. Pinckney registered the trademark.

Addressing issues of racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities is a major part of Dr. Pinckney's life and career. Her dissertation, Children present on the scene upon police arrival at an intimate partner violence incident: Race, police action, and officer initiated social support, examined whether the needs of children exposed to IPV and the race of a couple factor into an officer's decisions as to whether to take law enforcement action (arrest or issue a citation) and initiate social support for the exposed child and victim-partner.

Her motto "You are no longer a a product of your past; you are a facilitator of your future" is echoed by students, mentees, victims, offenders, and organizations. Dr. Pinckney, an avid gamer, is a mother of two teenage boys. Her older son is focused on robotics and basketball. Her younger son, a paranoid schizophrenic, is focused on the culinary arts and motocross. Her children work with her to help siblings and parents of mentally ill children.

A dedicated professional, she is also an expert in fraud investigation, forensic accounting, and financial crime. Dr. Pinckney teaches an array of courses at colleges and universities, including (but not limited to) intimate partner violence, race/gender and crime, introduction to law, white collar crime, victimology, criminal profiling, and sex offenders and offenses.

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