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Michelle Amiri

I help society reach new heights by provoking unique conversations, with new ideas/perspectives, then designing to eliminate behaviors/beliefs holding us back. My approach is Interdisciplinary, specializing in mining intersecting niches of expertise for new breakthroughs. This requires a diverse background: As an Ivy League-trained Human Ecologist and Human-Centered Designer, Simulator, Design Engineer, Published Research Scientist, Culture & Therapeutic Lifestyle Designer, Product Designer, Tactician, Consultant and Entrepreneur, Gifted Professor, Public Speaker, Podcaster, Thespian, Writer, Director, Author, Poet, Artist, Dancethlete, Community Leader — I build Futures and People that really soar, and to accomplish those goals, I build everything else.

Designs of all kinds intrigue me, but I most enjoy Therapeutic Design, Development of Meaning, Positive Cultural Shift Design and Vision-Casting. Slices of Social Benefit Design specialty include:

– Places We Live, Learn, and Work In
– Methods, Tools and Mentality With Which We Live, Learn, and Work
– Development of Meaning, Culture, and Tradition
– Communications, Healing & Growth, Edutainment

I not only design tools, systems, policies, and products to make our lives more health-giving, but also design the way in which we do design, such as Ministerial, Satellite, and Multi-Sensing Design Methods, that work, too, can bring higher quality results in healthful, agreeable ways.

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