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Laurie Scop

Laurie Scop longs to live in a world where all who have been oppressed can heal and live their respective truths, a desire governed by spiritual activism, social justice, and moral courage. A public servant at heart, Laurie has a background in social work and currently works for the State of Florida, while bringing both professional and lived experience to her advocacy work on local, state, and national boards. A believer in transformational leadership and the vital need for systemic change, she is convinced that her life transition story will be one of her greatest gifts of service and most meaningful contributions to the healing and betterment of our world. After recovering from a horrendous disease that profoundly disrupted her life and left her in a nursing home as a young woman, Laurie returned to work only to experience workplace abuse correlated with a life-threatening injustice and once again spent years fighting for her life. Portions of her story of escaping death and starting a new life were featured in media outlets including The Huffington Post, The Miami Herald, and on CBS Path. “Run” is Laurie’s powerful memoir in-progress depicting her treacherous journey in starting over, from miraculous recovery to profound loss and ultimately living to tell. Her story of truth, hope and resilience prompts the questions of what you would be prepared to lose in speaking the truth, and what you would do to save the life you once fought for.

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