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jerry carbo

Dr. Jerry Carbo Esq.

Jerry Carbo is a Professor of Labor Relations, Employment Law, and Sustainable Business in the Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University and an adjunct professor in Penn State’s Employment and Labor Relations program.  Dr. Carbo teaches courses in labor relations, employment law, business and society, leadership, and organizational behavior.   He is also a licensed attorney in the states of Pennsylvania and West Virgnia and admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.   Dr. Carbo has a PhD and MILR from Cornell University’s School of Labor Relations.  He also has a JD from the Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law and a BBA in Accounting from Texas Christian University.   


Dr. Carbo has published numerous articles on workplace bullying including Workplace Bullying: Developing a Human rights definition from the perspective of targets’ experiences and Strengthening the Health Workplace Act-Lessons from Title VII, IIED litigation, and targets’ stories. He has also published articles in employment law, union revitalization, and socially sustainable business systems.  Dr. Carbo has published two books – Social Sustainability for Business and Understanding, Defining, and Eliminating Workplace Bullying.   

Dr. Carbo served on the EEOC Select Task Force for the Study of Workplace Harassment from 2015-2018.  This task force assisted the Commissioners of the EEOC in studying harassment in the workplace and developing both a report and recommended compliance guidance to address the rampant problem of status-based harassment in the United States.   

Prior to entering academia, Dr. Carbo worked as both an employee relations manager and a human resources manager for two Fortune 50 companies.  He has engaged in consulting work for small and mid-size businesses, Universities, and labor Unions including the Steelworkers, AFSCME, and AFT.   As an attorney, Dr. Carbo has represented targets of workplace abuse in administrative hearings, grievance, and litigation for the past 20 years.      

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