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Jennifer Ozgur, MEd

Jennifer Ozgur, MEd has been teaching English to middle and high school students in the Pennsylvania public school system since 2000.

She took sabbatical during the 2016-17 academic year to acquire training in trauma-responsive and brain-based practices and published a children’s book on the topic that same year.

Jennifer is also a certified Appreciative Inquiry practitioner, national conference designer and facilitator, and educational consultant working with schools nationwide to build positive cultures for teaching and learning. She has worked with many organizations, including the School District of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, the Arizona Bureau of Indian Education, and the District Attorney's Office of Columbia County, Oregon to name just a few.

Her ultimate goal in working with NWBC is to bring a Dignity Certification program to the K12 sector that supports teachers by soliciting their voices in the decision making process that affects their profession and their students’ education.

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