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Ms. Camay McClure Dunn

Ms. Camay McClure Dunn

Ms. Camay sits on the Board of Directors for the National Workplace Bullying Coalition as the  Vice President dedicated to eliminating bullying from the American workforce through  education, legislation, and public service. She consults with targets who are bullied in the  workplace, helping them find their “personal power” in addressing the abuse they are suffering  from at work. Once a target herself, Ms. Camay is known as a “subject matter expert” on the  topic and has successfully supported targets in settling administrative claims with their  employers and moving forward in their careers. The Coalition is currently lobbying local and  state officials with the Dignity At Work Act, which if adopted and signed into law, would make  bullying illegal in the workplace. 

Ms. Camay International was founded in 2013 after Ms. Camay was crowned a Lifetime Queen  in Plus-Size Pageantry. She experienced the power of wearing a “crown” by touring the  country’s most fabulous stages and runways as a plus-size public figure with a voice. Ms.  Camay was introduced to AM talk radio and launched “The Ms. Camay Show” where she  showcases amazing people and their personal life testimonies that empower her listening  audience. This structured the foundation of the entity as the umbrella company for Ms. Camay’s  vision and passion of MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND IMPACTING THE WORLD!!!  


Ms. Camay is no stranger to the entrepreneurial mindset. When her family returned to the United  States after living in Europe for 6 years, he mother opened an herbal weight-loss business in  Boise, Idaho before herbal supplements were recognized as “healthy” options. “Thin By  Tuesday” was the first personal, one-on-one weight-loss consulting business that introduced Ms.  Camay to the “Boss-Lady” mentality she has today. 


Ms. Camay has a background in cosmetology and retail management and currently works in the  legal field as a Document Preparation consultant, providing professional, business, estate  planning, real estate and legal document preparation services to her clients. She also supports  trial attorneys in insurance defense litigation, defending clients in civil litigation in Nevada and  Washington State. She holds an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree  in Legal Support Services. Ms. Camay fell in love with working in law and helping the  constituents in her community understand their rights under the law.

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