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I was teaching as an ESP at a place for approximately one year. In the beginning, things seemed to be going very well or so I thought. The entire second half of the year things were just not adding up. The administration started having me do things out of my grade level, and not letting me have any contact with the students I had been teaching for the entire first half of the year. The administration began the bullying with name calling and excluding me from school activities. I sought out the advice of the school union rep. They told me that this treatment was common-place. I went to a field representative (luckily I had paperwork to document my claim). After speaking to the field rep I decided to grieve the administration- and I'm so glad I did!

I learned that it comes to this: Listen To - and USE YOUR INSTINCTS-That's why you've GOT them! If things are NOT adding up to you wherever you teach, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING (time, date, place and parties involved); Believe In Your Abilities; Remember you CHOSE this field and you wouldn't have CHOSEN it - if you didn't TRULY LOVE what you do; Seek advice from your building reps; Seek support from your field reps out there ( They are there to give you the CONFIDENCE you will need to successfully navigate your way through the experience. Finally- Pay Attention To Your Work Environment; You can inspire others as well by the standards WE set NOW - and we are giving hope, inspiration, and courage enough- to do the right thing because whatever the right thing IS for you will be a stronger person-FOR it. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: " The time is ALWAYS right-to do what is right."

1. Pay Attention to Your Work Environment

2. If things do NOT add up in your work environment,Get Advice From Your Building Delegate or Field Representative

3. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING (Time, Date(s), place, and party / parties involved


5. Use Your Professionalism, Positivity, and your Courage - to inspire those who will learn- from the legacy we create in the present- to build upon -for years to come.

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We are collecting stories from people who have successfully navigated workplace bullying for a book project. Our goal is to create an anthology – a collection of stories from those who have overcome the challenges this traumatic experience brings. We are looking for true stories about your extraordinary experience with workplace bullying and how you navigated and ultimately overcame it. We are looking for stories that will touch the readers – other targets of workplace bullying – and help them discover tools and principles they can use in their own life. We are looking for stories filled with emotion, vivid images, and a clear path to resolution.

If you are interested in submitting your story, you can learn more, and submit your story, here.

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