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2017 Surviving and Thriving Online Conference

3rd Annual National Workplace Bullying Coalition Conference

Tools To Eliminate Incivility, Workplace Bullying, Harassment, Violence, and Other Bad Behaviors

That Ruin Your Workplace

Hosted by the NWBC

October 19, 2017

Online, $59

All proceeds went to advancing our mission to advance education, conversation, and legislation

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Bob Sutton, Stanford Professor and The New York Times best-selling author


How To Deal with People Who Treat You Like Dirt

Robert Sutton is a Stanford University professor and author of six management books, including The New York Times bestsellers The No Asshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss. He is an IDEO fellow and co-founder of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and the Stanford Design Institute. He lives in Menlo Park, California.

Bullying survivors and authors of the Coalition's latest book, "Stand up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying" 

Jenny Yang, Former Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)


Ending Workplace Harassment: Risk Factors and Key Preventions

Jenny R. Yang served as chair, vice chair, and commissioner of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from 2013 to 2018. Under her leadership, the commission launched the Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace to identify innovative solutions to prevent harassment at work. Yang led efforts to tackle systemic barriers to opportunity, including enhancing the EEOC’s annual data collection to include employer reporting of pay data and studying the EEOC’s systemic work over the past decade, culminating in the public report, Advancing Opportunity: A Review of EEOC’s Systemic Program.



The Agenda


Inner Tools for Surviving Bullying and Mobbing

Lorraine Segal was a tenured community college professor and middle manager for many years before she found her true passion for helping people in organizations and corporations communicate better, resolve conflicts, and let go of resentments. The goal: to create a more harmonious and productive workplace. “I bring communication expertise, creative problem-solving, a compassionate heart and spiritual connection to shine a healing light on problems at work,” she says. Through her business, Conflict Remedy, Lorraine offers customized training and coaching programs for managers and employees in organizations, corporations, and government agencies.


Just One Click: Reduce Isolation By Creating Connection Online

Dr. Sophie Henshaw is a work stress strategist, author, and doctor of psychology who also works as a clinical psychologist in private practice in Western Australia. She’s had over 20 years' experience helping her clients recover from stress, anxiety, and depression as a result of relationships with toxic people at work. Dr. Sophie is the author of “Stressed, Depressed And Dreading Mondays: What Smart Career Professionals Can Do To Claim Their Life Back” and is an author in the edited book by Anton Hout, “What Every Target Of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know.” She has made media appearances on Channel 10, 6PR, Huffpost Live, WA Today, and Ninemsn Health and is a regular contributor to Women’s Agenda and PsychCentral online magazines.


The Steps To Take to Build A Case

Ms. Camay is the CEO of Ms. Camay International, LLC, a professional legal consulting and notary signing company supporting her passion and commitment to inspire people across the nation and around the world. She is a certified, bonded, and insured notary signing agent, serving the greater Las Vegas real estate community. She is the national lifetime title holder in plus size pageantry, plus size model, and senior paralegal professional, harnessing 14 years of commercial litigation experience under her crown while completing her undergraduate degree in legal studies. Ms. Camay is an international best-selling author and Presidential Volunteer Service Award Recipient who directed a black tie gala in Seattle, Washington that broke the silence around workplace bullying. She is a Humanitarian Award Winner honored for her efforts as an advocate in her community and the American workforce, passionate about eliminating bullying from the workplace through education, awareness, and legislation.

Recovering from Workplace Bullying Trauma

Linda Crockett has a masters degree social work with 30 years of experience. She is also the founder of in Edmonton Alberta, member of IAWBH, alumni of WBI, lobbyist, presenter, and WPB specialized mental health therapist.


Pat Ferris of Janus Associates in Calgary, Canada holds a Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology and a masters degree in clinical social work. She has treated targets of bullying and provided training and consultation to organizations on WPB prevention and intervention for over 20 years. She is the co-convener of the Therapist Special Interest Group of the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment. She has published her research and work on WPB in top tier journals.


Identifying and Re-imagining the Paradox of Workplace Bullying Advice

Stacy Tye-Williams (PhD, organizational communication, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is an assistant professor of communication studies in the Department of English at Iowa State University. Her research focuses on how people narratively construct meaning in and about organizations. She examines dark and bright side processes in organization life ranging from workplace bullying to the power of collective storytelling to bring about positive change. Her ultimate focus is how people use communication to organize and create positive outcomes in their organizations and the communities in which they are embedded along with the ways we fail to do so. Along with several book chapters, she has published articles in Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Women and Language, Western Journal of Communication, Communication Studies, and the Ohio Communication Journal.


Civility In the Workplace: When Bullying Hits Home

Gwendolen Wilder is an author, certified business strategist, and motivational consulting coach. She bridges the gap in domestic violence between individuals and businesses and encourages and inspires survivors to gain independence using business acumen, self-management, and domestic violence awareness. She supports businesses in forging solid positive corporate behavior management programs.


Highly Engaged Management To Catch Bullying Before It Happens

Bruce Tulgan is internationally recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace and one of the leading experts on leadership and management. Bruce is a best-selling author, an adviser to business leaders all over the world, and a sought-after keynote speaker and management trainer. Since 1995, Bruce has worked with tens of thousands of leaders and managers in hundreds of organizations ranging from Aetna to Wal-Mart and from the Army to the YMCA.


What Employers Need To Do To Grow A Spine and End Workplace Bullying

Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., BCC specializes in researching and coaching abrasive leaders, serving an international clientele of organizations over the past 40 years including over 40 Fortune 500 companies and the United Nations. She founded the Executive Insight Development Group, Inc. in 1994 and the Boss Whispering Institute (dedicated to research and training in the specialty practice of coaching abrasive leaders) in 2009 and co-founded the Consortium on Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education (CACHE) in 2013.


The Role of Transformational Leadership in Eliminating Workplace Bullying

Joanne Simon-Walters is a resourceful leader with 20 years progressive management experience in financial services, information technology, healthcare consulting, education, and human resources. Joanne has earned degrees in finance and technology management and is currently pursuing her PhD in Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change at the University of the Virgin Islands. Joanne is the author of three HR certification preparation manuals and currently works in an HR leadership position locally. Joanne was born and raised in St. Thomas to Antiguan parents and is a wife and mother to a 9 year-old son and 5 year-old daughter.


Creating A Positive Work Environment

Tammy Holzer, ACC is a leadership and transformational coach who helps organizations create inspired and engaged workplaces so they can CHANGE THE WORLD. She inspires change in the lives and businesses of people who are in non-profit and mission based organizations — people who help other people.


Stop Bullying To Create A Healthy Community

Jerry Halberstadt is an advocate, researcher, documentary photographer, author, editor, publisher, and consultant with a focus on understanding community and empowering people to have control over their lives,


Is There A Role for Traditional OHS in Addressing Incivility, Bullying, and Violence at Work?

Andrew Barrett helps people solve tricky problems to do with work health and safety by experimenting. He is also the founder and host of the popular Safety on Tap Podcast, with a mission to help leaders to grow themselves and drastically improve health and safety along the way. Andrew believes that a health and safety professional invested in their own growth is a more effective and more satisfied professional. Andrew is well-known for connecting people with their better selves as a coach, connecting people with new ideas and within a strong professional community. 


It Takes A Village To Stop A Bully: Lessons from My Crazy Corporate Life

Stacey L. Perrin brings over 20 years in-house legal and compliance experience with a passion for human rights to emphasize a work culture of care, respect, accountability, and trust. Her current global role oversees employee relations and HR compliance best practices for an international company with over 70,000 employees in 130 countries. She is responsible for establishing global HR compliance policies and practices to help employees understand and model appropriate behaviors in order to support a positive, productive work environment. She is known for fair and objective workplace investigations, her candid personality, and her ability to resolve issues effectively and efficiently as a compassionate listener, investigator, collaborator, and thought leader.


Using Trauma-Informed Techniques in the Workplace

Liz Paris is a senior associate attorney with Van Dermyden Maddux Law Corporation. She conducts workplace and Title IX campus investigations. Liz also acts as a hearing officer in Title IX campus sexual assault matters.




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