We envision a future where:
  • Workers are assured their right to dignity at work.
  • Workplace bullying is an unlawful act.
  • Employers take effective steps to prevent, detect, remedy, and eliminate acts of workplace bullying.
Our goal: to eliminate bullying from the American workplace through research, education, conversation, and legislation.


The National Workplace Bullying Coalition research team reveals what workplace bullying really is.


This video series will discuss how it works, how it makes us feel, and its impact. In part one, researchers discuss ways to define workplace bullying.


Understand what workplace bullying is and how you can get help.


Join the national campaign to pass legislation, the Dignity At Work Act, to make workplace bullying illegal.


23 inspiring stories. One important message. True stories from people who successfully navigated bullying at work.


We're taking our army on the virtual road.

Movements are the tool for meaningful change in the U.S.. And we're creating a growing army of doers who say we want change when it comes to our psychological safety at work.

Action is how we'll move the needle on psychologically safer workplaces.

When there are virtual hearings and direct actions you can take in a state, we'll let you know so you can virtually testify (in under three minutes) or share your story or talking points with decision-makers.

Sign up for the national roster to be the first to learn about actions you can take to make a difference.

Know Your Labor, Concerted Activity, and Collective Bargaining Rights

with Dr. Jerry Carbo, Esq.
National Workplace Bullying Coalition President

Monday, October 18, 2021

Get an overview of your rights to engage in concerted activity and to form or join a union in your place of work. Jerry will cover the National Labor Relations Act, an overview of state labor laws, and your rights as a union member in relation to management and union leadership.


Honor National Bullying Prevention Month by becoming a coalition member to join any of these webinars:

Recover from the Trauma of Workplace Bullying

with Sue Mann
Sansu Rising Coaching

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Workplace bullying is trauma. When you understand how trauma works in the brain and body, you speed your healing and recovery. Breakthroughs in trauma recovery research have shown that simple body-based practices can be restorative. Sue will cover the basics of what trauma is (and isn’t) and introduce a model that yields profound results on the path toward healing and recovery. The Community Resiliency Model (CRM) offers a gentle, effective path to end the suffering.

Understand The History that Shapes Our Ineffective U.S. Anti-discrimination Laws

with Deb Falzoi
Dignity Together and Re-Define

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Anti-discrimination law was designed to disrupt the social hierarchies at work. But what prevented true progress from happening? And what can we learn from the history of this law to shape our views of what needs to happen to make our work cultures safer? Deb will cover a basic history of the evolution of these laws to set expectations for moving the needle. 

A Town Hall on Abuse in the Workplace

with various members of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition teams

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Advocates, activists, legal experts, legislative experts, and researchers will answer your questions about workplace bullying, harassment, and abuse at this town hall-style Q&A session.

What Unions and Rank-and-File Members Can Do To Combat Workplace Abuse

From helping members file legal claims to engaging in concerted actions to drive bullies out, union leaders and rank-and-file  members have taken steps to combat abuse at work. Learn about successful actions to help you to take on the bully at work.

Monday, October 25, 2021

with Dr. Jerry Carbo, Esq.
National Workplace Bullying Coalition President

Test your knowledge with the Workers' Rights Trivia Night

Presented by Re-Define

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Find out how much you know about the rights we really have as U.S. workers. Get ready to have some fun as we finish off the events. Proceeds will go to both Re-Define Summits and Retreats and the National Workplace Bullying Coalition.


Help make our vision a reality while getting some perks of your own.

Get action alerts so you can demand protections from abuse at work through the Dignity At Work Act.

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On March, 9, 2021, Evan Seyfried, 40, took his own life due to extreme and brutal harassment from two store managers and co-workers at a Kroger location in Milford, OH, where he was employed for 19 years. Kroger failed to protect Evan.


Targets of abuse at work are sharing experiences of mistreatment, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation to reveal widespread practices, lack of employer accountability, and the systemic nature of abuse.

We call on lawmakers and agencies to investigate employers in which this number of employees came forward.



Congratulations to Sue Yang, founding member of the NWBC, and her daughter Jenny Yang, who has been named to the Biden Labor transition team. Jenny has been a consistent warrior for social justice and workers' rights, fought for workers and an end to workplace harassment as EEOC chair, will serve this committee well, and would make an outstanding ally if she were to continue on as Secretary of Labor or with the EEOC. Thank you Jenny Yang for standing with and for the working people of the US.

Jenny R. Yang served as chair, vice chair, and commissioner of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from 2013 to 2018. Under her leadership, the commission launched the Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace to identify innovative solutions to prevent harassment at work. Yang led efforts to tackle systemic barriers to opportunity, including enhancing the EEOC’s annual data collection to include employer reporting of pay data and studying the EEOC’s systemic work over the past decade, culminating in the public report, Advancing Opportunity: A Review of EEOC’s Systemic Program.


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