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Rosette Burakari Adera

Rosette Adera currently teaches courses in Management, Human Resources, Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at graduate and undergraduate levels. 

She brings an international/global perspective to her teaching and research interests to include organizational behavior and diversity, workplace ethics and workplace justice. She enjoys academic program and curriculum design. Recent projects include the recently approved MBA in Social Sector Management as well as the Online Business Administration Degree at Pillar College.  In her spare time, she engages in discourse on human rights with special focus on conflict and its effects on people, pedagogy and policies particularly for the rights of vulnerable populations, the role of women in development in the global south and the impacts of war and genocide. She holds a Masters of Education from Western University (Canada), a Masters of Arts in Globalization from McMaster University (Canada) and a Doctor of Management in Organizational Behavior from University of Maryland. 

Her current committee and board work includes the National Workplace Bullying Coalition and Garden of Hope Foundation (Kenya). 

Dr. Adera has travelled extensively in Africa, Europe, South America and Asia for research, work and leisure. 

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