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David Daniels

Dr. I. David Daniels is an occupational health and safety professional, former public safety executive, thought  leader, and President/CEO of ID2 Solutions, LLC, a safety-focused solutions company specializing in helping  organizations plan and execute safety management systems, including focusing on psychosocial hazard mitigation  strategies. His lived experience and academic research on psychosocial hazard exposure have led him to the  conclusion that psychological health and safety is the seminal workplace safety issue of our time. He serves as a  member of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition Advisory Board, is an affiliate of the Workplace Bullying Institute, and has offered testimony supporting the Workplace Psychological Safety Act. 

Dr. Daniels holds a Bachelor of Science in Fire Services Administration, a master’s degree in human resources  management, and a Ph.D. in Occupational Health and Safety. He is certified as a Safety Director, Violence  Prevention Specialist, Emergency Management Specialist, Job Hazard Analysis Specialist, Safety and Health  Specialist, and certified in Mental Health First Aid.  

Dr. Daniels served two terms as a member of the National Safety Council (NSC) Board of Directors. He was the  2022-23 Delegates Committee Chair, Nomination and Governance Committee, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  Sub-Committee member, and Impairment Advisory Board. He was the founding chair of the NSC’s Government  and Public-Sector Division. In 2021, he became only the third African American in history to receive the NSC’s  highest honor when he was given the Distinguished Service to Safety Award. He is also the founding chair of  the National Association of Black Compliance and Risk Management Professionals, Safety and Security  Workgroup. He is a member of the Society for Total Worker Health and Society for Human Resource  Management and a founding member of the Safeopedia Community. 

Dr. Daniels is a life member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and has served over 30 years in  fire/rescue, emergency medical, and emergency management organizations in three states, including four appointments as a Fire Chief. His career focus on safety was a primary factor in his induction into the National  Fire Heritage Center’s Hall of Legacies, Legends, and Leaders; he was the first living African American to have  received this honor.  

In addition to focusing on safety in his professional pursuits, Dr. Daniels is active in his community in suburban  Atlanta. He is a member of his HOA’s Finance Committee member. He served as transition committee chair and  public safety advisory committee chair for his City Council district. His community efforts contributed to his  induction into the inaugural class of the South Fulton County Hall of Fame.

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